Residential Film / Tint

Krayco Window Treatments boasts nearly four decades of experience in residential window tinting in Sioux Falls, as well as throughout Southeast South Dakota, Southwest Minnesota, and Northwest Iowa. The applications for tinted glass in your home are only limited by your imagination, and the benefits are many. We would be happy to discuss our services with you and help you bring your plans to life. Call today for a free, in-home estimate.

  • Exterior Windows
  • Glass Doors
  • Glass-enclosed Showers
  • Cabinet Glass
  • Table Tops
  • Sunrooms and Verandas

View a demonstration of how window film can transform your home:

Energy Savings

Solar heat can introduce “hotspots” to your home and make your cooling system work overtime trying to regulate indoor temperatures. Adding solar film to your windows can deflect nearly 85% of the sun’s heat, which can add up to dramatic savings in the summer months. During winter, low-E window film reduces heat loss, which brings the cost of heating your home down. And, since you’ll be giving your HVAC system a break, you’ll also save money on repairs and extend its life.

Benefits of Window Tinting

Clients soon discover that adding window tint to their home comes with many perks they probably hadn’t even considered. Now you can introduce light to your home without having to open and close the shades according to the sun’s position. Whether you are filtering sunlight, ensuring privacy, camouflaging storage, or adding interest, we have a wide variety of options available to make your project truly unique.

  • Reduce Fading
  • Reduce Glare
  • Reject Heat
  • Diffuse Light
  • Ensure Privacy
  • Decorate

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Solar Window Film

Enjoy the sun while you maintain your privacy and reduce your energy bills. Solar film manages heat, protects furniture and carpets from fading, and looks elegant. Window films are available in a variety of options, such as:

  • Low-E Window Film
  • Reflective Window Film
  • Harmony Window Film
  • Ceramic Window Film
  • Neutral Window Film
Trying to decide what type of window film you’re interested in? Check out the link below to view each option.

Decorative Window Film

Window film doesn’t have to be purely functional or unsightly. Krayco Window Treatments carries a number of decorative window films that can transform the glass in your home. Our high-quality decorative film can be used on glass windows, doors, showers, tables, glass walls, and so much more. Without replacing your existing glass, you can create privacy, add interest, safeguard possessions, hide imperfections, or whatever else your imagination can dream up. Contact us today to discover all of the exciting things you can do with decorative glass film in your home!

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