Commercial Window Treatment, Tint & Film Services

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Krayco Window Treatments is a leading Office & Commercial Window Tinting and Film Installation company for over 30 years!

Why Purchase and Install Window Film for Your Building?
For over 30 years, Krayco Window Treatments has been one of the most trusted and popular window film and tinting installers in the Sioux Falls and surrounding area. We've installed window films on thousands of properties since 1983 and carry only the best in window film by LLumar, 3M, Vista®, and SunTek®

Window film is popular because of its many benefits:

• Save up to 30% on utility bills by lowering heating and cooling costs
• Helps you to consume less energy
• Provides solar heat and glare protection for improved comfort
• Provides protection by holding shards of glass together if broken
• Protects employees and property from damaging ultraviolet rays
• Enhances the curb appeal and privacy of your building
• A deterrent against intruders for added security and peace of mind

Our professionally installed window tinting and film comes in a range of products to fit all your solar protection needs:

• Provide extraordinary solar control with a subtle gray finish from the outside
• Patented metalized films that provide superior heat protection in hot climates
• Feature an exterior copper finish that makes them a natural complement to many landscapes
• Constructed of metals such as gold, silver and bronze for optimum privacy with minimal heat
• Protects from solar heat in the summer and also keeps interior heat inside during the winter
• Designed for privacy, with clear frost, black opaque and white opaque options